About us

Welcome to our Maine Coon cattery, working with showlines and partly with outcross lines. Our Cat Club Amber belong to Felis Polonia, a FIFe member. The cattery name means Wild At Heart....

We breed healthy and well build, well socialised and very friendly cats. All our breeding cats are tested for genetic diseases, particularly HCM, PKD, SMA, HD.

Our cats live as family members, sleep with us and share the daily life.

As the first cattery in Poland, we imported a pair of outcross "native Maine Coon" cats from the famous Kumskaka Behold cattery led by Phyllis Stiebens in the United States.

Tinkerbell and Nim Galuu participates in our breeding program, and this year we expect the first outcross litters.

All our cats take part in cat shows and earn excellent grades, almost all of our litters won Best In Show in category 2.


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